Friday, January 05, 2007

Do I know this woman?

Funny that Steph has taken to posting lists on the blog-- it directly relates to this post.

How well do I know my wife? Inspired by the rash of lists like this (thanks Andria and Kristy), I shall swipe the idea and make the list about the person I love most, Stephanie. I stopped at 35, but I wasn't close to being out of ideas.

1. She's compulsive about saying "good night" as the last words spoken before we fall asleep. Sometimes even non-verbal grunts by me as I fall asleep provoke another "good night."
2. Hates tomatoes.
3. Used to hate black olives, mushrooms, and sushi, before I willed a broader palate upon her, now likes said items.
4. Is better at controlling the Tivo than I am.
5. Couldn't cook a lick before about 1998, when we moved in together, and now is a really great cook.
6. Is quite adept at applying makeup in a very tasteful, artistic manner, but is too beautiful to really need it.
7. Has an oufit for every day of the week-- hell, three weeks, wherein all items besides underwear come from Banana Republic.
8. Would keep these outfits, and in fact her entire wardrobe, in a pile on the floor if I weren't in charge of doing laundry.
9. Makes lists all the time for everything (see recent blog posts), sometimes even using spreadsheets.
11. Is exceedingly good at knowing when she's being irrational. She doesn't stop, necessarily, but she's aware of it.
12. Often giggles when she gets into bed at night, for no other reason than she loves going to sleep.
13. Was her high school class's salutatorian.
14. Has read The Color Purple more times than she can count.
15. Doesn't care at all about the cleanliness of her car, especially inside.
16. Thinks about four times faster than the average person. Jokes are sometimes several steps ahead of where my brain is.
17. Talks at that same speed.
18. Would count her brother as one of her best friends, even though she used to mercilessly needle him when they were younger.
19. Knows more about sports than almost anyone I have ever known. And it's never been to impress/bond with males-- it's just because she loves sports.
20. Had her heart set on attending Duke, but didn't because she couldn't afford it.
21. If asked, would say her favorite CDs of all time include 311 - Music, Prince - Sign O' the Times, Ani DiFranco - Not a Pretty Girl, Tori Amos - Little Eartquakes, and Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlantacism.
22. Is married to a guy who would list those same CDs as his favorites. Well, I might substitute Parade for Sign O' the Times.
23. Sometimes cries at commercials.
24. Has a staggering amount of pop culture knowledge at her command.
25. Related to #24, doesn't often lose a game of Trivial Pursuit or Scene It, especially Pop Culture, TV, 80s, or Music editions.
26. Has or does subscribe to Sports Illustrated, NFL Sunday Ticket and ESPN the Magazine.
27. Was once a Sandwich Artist at Subway.
28. Often falls asleep thinking about what she'll do when she wins the lottery, and these things include no longer working a 9-5, and various configurations of giving items or sums to her friends and family.
29. Loves snooping on people with money. I don't know if that's a cause or an effect of that being her occupation.
30. Is a much better writer than she gives herself credit for.
31. Was captain of her high school cheerleading squad, yet clearly managed to transcend that sterotype, both then and now.
32. Is one thesis paper short of a master's in Sociology.
33. Researches and debates nearly every choice she makes as a parent.
34. Taught elementary school for 2 years, was very good at it, but understandably couldn't take it as a permanent career.
35. Would probably be a better lawyer than I am.


Stephanie said...

I'd say you know me pretty well! Although the shirt I have on right now is soooo not from the Banana.

Regarding #34 and #35- you would probably be a better teacher than I was. Damn gender roles!

Unknown said...

I miss the days when the internet was just for porn. Who introduced all this sappy crap?

Memphisotan said...

I know this list is about Steph, but ... Parade, Chip? Pa-freakin'-rade? Come onnnn! An underrated work, but still. It's no Sign O' The Times. Or Purple Rain. Or Lovesexy. It's not even in the Top 3 soundtracks!

Chip said...

Ok, I have to defend myself here...

RJA, surely I hope you include yourself when lamenting all the "sappy crap," and are not merely pointing the finger at me. Don't make me chase down the link to your anniversary post. In fact, didn't you actually start the list thing?

And SAM-- how can you not respect Parade? Girls and Boys, Mountains, Christopher Tracy's Parade, KISS, which is obviously a brilliant single, and then two of my absolute fav purpleone songs, Anotherloverholeinyohead and New Position? Come on! Top to bottom, there's only one song I don't like (Under the Cherry Moon). Purple Rain is brilliant, but not nearly as varied. Sign O' the Times is just sheer genius, but there ARE some throwaways on there, like Beautiful Night...

And hey, I'm a Lovesexy fan too-- especially Anna Stesia and Dance On, but MAN does that CD annoy me with being all one track. I don't want to hear Alphabet Street every time! Well, that and the CD cover totally creeps me out.

Stephanie said...

Wow- my day in the sun was pretty short.

Memphisotan said...

U got 2 play in the sunshine, Steph.

Unknown said...

Chip, that's an awful lot of Prince knowledge up there. I think you should change the name of this post from "Do I Know This Woman?" to "Am I This Woman?"

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely nothing to contribute to the music discussion -- if my husband were to do a list like this, he'd tell you that my musical tastes are still stuck in the late 80s -- but I did want to say how sweet this was. The world needs more husbands who love their (obviously deserving) wives like this!

Anonymous said...

yes, chip this is a very sweet post about steph. however, much kudos to rja for his "am i this woman" quip. it definitely made me giggle.

Stacey Greenberg said...

wow i just learned a lot about steph!! very nice of you to do this. now i wish warren had a blog. (a blog that i didn't update that is.)