Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Last Sunday, we kicked off our holiday season with the traditional making of the ravioli. As always, it was a great time. Chloe worked hard this year, and even let me help her a little bit. I didn't see Connor until it was time to leave.

Then we went to Nashville to visit the in-laws and see their amazing new house. They bought a lot in East Nashville and built from the ground up, so it's exactly what they wanted. And quite frankly, exactly what I want. The house is perfect.

We took two cars so that Mom and Gidget could come with us. Fun! Chris cooked the turkey, and despite some panic and a trip to Kroger on his part, it turned out great! The only person who had to throw out a dish was me. Apparently you just can't freeze the sweet potato gnocchi recipe I use. It's fresh or nothing.

Pop came to see the new house too. We also explored the neighborhood a bit- East Nashville is very different from West Meade. But totally awesome!

We came home from Nashville and spent Saturday putting up the tree and generally making a huge mess with all the other boxes of decorations that came out of the attic. Then we spent Sunday eating another great meal at our house with Mom and the Millfills. Shannon made the turkey this time. I got off so easy this year! I made mashed potatoes twice (well, one meal mashed and the other meal whipped), bought some Sister Schubert's rolls and butter and called it a day. I might never cook again!

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