Friday, August 10, 2012

Week One

Connor has been happy with his class, despite the lack of BFFs. (Also, he didn't have any night terrors associated with the start of school this year, last week or this week. It's been crazy!) He hasn't had much to say about his schedule or what they're doing in class yet. Maybe I'll get him talking by Labor Day. The only thing I've really heard is that the fan on their AC is bent, so it makes really loud noises all day. That's good information, son. Keep up the good work.

He does seem to love his teacher, although he (obviously) hasn't given me any specific reason why. My guess? It's because she's a thirty-something white lady. My boy loves a substitute Mom! He had one in Kindergarten and then again last year in Third Grade. At least this year he changes classes, and his other teacher is not just another "Mom." In fact, he informed me that she was "older," but then a few days later told me that meant 42. Seriously, I'll cut him if he ever again refers to that as "older."

Chloe has had a great week, of course. I would love to be Chloe for a day- to be tall, smart, funny, and generally unburdened by negative thoughts must be the greatest life ever. Her reports from school are things like, "On Friday we get ice cream with sprinkles!" and "I forgot to tell you- a girl swallowed a penny yesterday!" Plus, she loves her new after school classroom at Idlewild- downstairs with Miss Lauren and Miss Emerald! She's waited so long to be with them! When I picked her up yesterday she grabbed my hand to show me the cool stuff in the science center. Then she skipped off, singing to herself. I picture rainbows and unicorns surrounding her at all times. Surely they're there in her mind, right?

(That last sentence would have been awesome if had been talking about both kids and said "Surely they're there in their minds, right?" Because I'm a nerd. But I digress.)

I did get one shocking report from Chloe Wednesday night- she didn't really play with anyone on the playground that day! I was all, Oh no! but she kind of shrugged it off. Apparently there are some established friend pairings that she's not jumping in on. I encouraged her to reach out anyway. Thursday I followed up- how did it go? She said she was still playing mostly alone. (And she was still not nearly as worried about it as I was.) I mentioned some specific girls who had been in her kindergarten class- what's the deal with them? Who do they play with? "Oh Mom," she replied, "They play Twilight! That's why I don't play with them!" So now I will remove my nose from her beeswax because clearly she has a handle on recess and doesn't need my advice. Also? I've totally raised her right.

Preview of weeks 2-36: I buy books every time they send home a Scholastic order form; homework volume picks up; homework meltdowns happen with increasing frequency; I quit ironing clothes and making lunches ahead of time; we start arriving at school late. Sound familiar? I know- I can hardly wait either. Happy new school year, folks!

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Stacey Greenberg said...

Warren and I looked at each other when the alarm went off at 6:00am and agreed the new schedule sucks. I don't know how you can ever be on time coming from east memphis!