Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the Pot

Yes, I know how much you folks love Chockley tales of poop. Like Connor pontificating at 2 1/2 about the subject, the 2006 gas station debacle, or the Christmas Poop Story.

So here are new words of scatalogical wisdom, heard from across the house as Chloe performed her daily duty (heh) the other day:

"Maaaaaaan, I'm doin' some HARD business in here!"

...followed several minutes later by:

"POOP, there it is! POOP there it is!"


Tiffany said...

So, I actually looked back at the other poop stories and teared up a bit looking at those pics of the kids being so small back then.

Jamie T said...

I'm sure she'll appreciate this properly one day.