Friday, April 01, 2011

Nobody's Fool

Pranks I did NOT pull on April Fool's Day include:

Telling my boss that the hundreds of letters that were signed, sealed, and stamped, yet contained a glaring typo, had accidentally gotten mailed before I could shred them.

Giving my boss a stack of newly printed, correctly written letters, only putting a horribly mangled letter on top so she'd think they were all wrong and had to be reprinted yet again.*

*Fact: I'm terrified of my boss and would never have actually done either of these. Another awesome prank I did not pull on her a few months ago was to bring maternity clothes and stuffing for all the thirty-something females in my office to wear on her first day back from maternity leave. Surprise! Guess what we all did while you were away!

Dressing Connor in Chloe's clothes, Chloe in Connor's clothes, and me in Chip's clothes to greet Chip for breakfast. Unfortunately, Chip was standing in line at the school board so we did not get to have an April Fool's breakfast together. Otherwise, this TOTALLY would have happened.

Serving a plate of spaghetti with dirt sauce, grass, bugs, etc., for dinner, and the kids and I would calmly act like it was normal while Chip grossed out. My kids are too sensitive about food, though, and couldn't pretend to like normal spaghetti, let alone gross spaghetti, so we shelved this one quickly.

Prank we did play on April Fool's Day:

The kids hid in the dining room. When Chip came home, I lured him into the den and talked to him normally for a minute while the kids ran outside and jumped in his backseat. Then I asked Chip where the kids were and flipped out because he didn't get them. I grabbed the phone to call Idlewild while Chip jumped in the car to go get them. Surprise! They were hiding in the back seat and jumped up and yelled, "APRIL FOOLS!"**

**The kids were super-excited about this prank, and I knew it would be devastating when a) Chip got home before we did, b) the back door beeped when they opened it to sneak out, and c) Chip's car doors were locked. So I asked him to get home after us, leave the back door open and his car unlocked when he got home. It may have tipped him off that something hinky was going on, but at least the prank got to play out as smoothly in real life as it did in my kids' imaginations. So I'll mark this one down as a success!

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Kerry said...

awesome, I am so glad you pulled off the prank - you did what needed to be done! Let's hope it's a few years before your kids actually read your blog.