Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fan Clubs

On Saturday, we took advantage of the unseasonably perfect weather and went to the park with our favorite cousins. It didn't take long for the allegiances to form.

Maisy starts laughing the second she looks at Connor's face. It doesn't matter what else is happening. This usually drives Chloe crazy, and she'll try to do something crazy to make Maisy laugh, too. Then Maisy will look at her like she's nuts, and cast a conspiratorial glance Connor's way. A silent, "Get a load of that chick!" passes between them, and then Maisy cracks up, because Connor is paying attention to her. No amount of Chloe's dancing and singing can replace the glowing light that comes from Connor's face. We have full-on cousin worship here.

Chloe didn't have time to get jealous on Saturday, though. She was too busy being followed around by Harper. "Coe-E! Siiide! Coe-E!" Chloe was happy to oblige, going up the stairs and down the slide over and over, introducing Harper to all the dogs in the park, and occasionally lifting her onto a tall platform. (This last one took years off the lives of every adult present.)

It was such a fun day, for the adults as much as the kids. We all needed that sunshine pretty badly. I tried to soak up as much as I could, hoping to store enough to last me through February and into March. But it looks like I didn't get enough to make it through the week! Anyone know when our next sunny day is scheduled? I need to pencil that in on my calendar. In the meantime, I'll have to schedule a bunch of cousin playdates instead. That should be enough to keep us warm until spring arrives.


Stanfill said...

thanks for the pictures chip. they look great! it was so much fun hanging out at the park on saturday. hopefully, the weather will allow for more days like this soon.

Cullen said...

Harper certainly does love her cousins, especially Chloe. And someone that takes good pictures, unlike her father.