Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Hot in Herrre

Posting has been light the last few days, because we've been too hot to type anything. That's right- our air went out. It made for a long, hot weekend followed by a week disrupted by repairmen, loud (temporary) window units, and sleepovers at Grammy's.

The thing about air conditioners- they are expensive. And they aren't something you save up for- one day they go out, and then you have to buy a new one. It sucks. It especially sucks since, in theory, we'd like to move out of this house. But the more money I put into it, the less I want to leave. I'd hate to live somewhere else while still paying for improvements made to this house. Sigh. First world problems, right?

Our exposure to the heat has been balanced out nicely by our conveniently-timed access to a neighborhood pool. A friend of Mom's was planning an extended vacation and asked, "Would Stephanie and her family like to use our pool while we're gone?" Bless this woman who doesn't know me from Adam, and bless my mama for being the kind of wonderful woman that people like to offer things to. We have enjoyed swimming and plunging off the diving board and jumping around on the trampoline conveniently located in this same back yard.

So anyway, the air should be fixed soon, possibly even tonight. If you are currently enjoying cold air in your own home, but any part of your unit is older than, say, 10 years old, I suggest you start saving your pennies. This particular rainy day is going to come in the middle of a hot, dry, Memphis summer. You'll want to be more prepared than we were.

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