Sunday, June 27, 2010


Highlights on the sleepover timeline:

5:30- First kid shows up
5:40- Second kid shows up
6:00- Official start time of party
6:07- First Band-Aid is applied
6:55- First trip to Little Caesars

7:05- Second trip to Little Caesars
7:10- First claim of a stomach ache
7:30- Ice cream cake is served

9:30- Kids are forced into pajamas
10:00- Kids are confined to bedroom
11:00- Kids are told to STFU
11:30- I fall asleep, although I could still hear some faint voices from down the hall

6:25- Kids are out of bed
6:42- Hissing cat is confined to his quarters
7:10- A child claims he does not like Pop Tarts (NOT Connor)
7:30- First parent arrives, to get her kid ready for his BAPTISM this very same morning
8:00- Chip takes Gidget for a walk. Allegedly.
8:55- I blissfully escape to pick up Chloe from Grammy's house
9:20- Second parent shows up
9:22- First toy is accidentally left behind
9:25- Chloe and I return home, and Chloe enters the mix
9:40- First ice pack applied to injury
10:00- Third and fourth mothers arrive
10:01- Connor defiantly ignores my requests to put down the game controller and say a proper good-bye
10:02- Connor sees the error of his ways and sees his friends out
10:30- I do the weekly grocery shopping, ALONE
10:55- I sit in the parking lot of Schnuck's, playing on my phone and enjoying the silence
11:05- Return home to find Chip serving lunch to our kids plus one other. Praise 10:55 decision-making.
11:40- First "tent" is built using not one but three mattresses

12:35- Final family arrives to claim their son
12:45- I take an inventory of clothes/toys/bedding left behind
1:15- Cat finally emerges from hiding place under the bed
1:25- Chip takes a nap

7:55- Tuck Connor in. Find Dorito IN HIS BED
8:00- Connor and Chloe are fast asleep


Nancy P. said...

That's great...especially your 10:55 decision!

Dana said...

You are a far better mother than I. Or crazy. Maybe some of each.

Kerry said...