Friday, April 16, 2010

Week in Review

In a half-assed attempt to get a garden going, we have covered a patch of grass with newspaper and hay in an attempt to kill the grass and cook the soil. I have absolutely no idea what the next step in this process is, or when it should take place. Do I need to buy soil to put on top of the hay? Wait a couple of weeks and dig into what's there? It's safe to say I didn't really think this through. I like seeing the little plot of land set aside in the yard, though. Makes me feel all earthy.

Connor had to build a 3D model of a truck or something- the theme was "transportation" which to Connor meant, "it has wheels." This gave us an excuse to buy and use paint, which is always a plus. It also gave Clark a chance to walk in paint and leave cute red pawprints all over the house. Really, it was like cliched cartoon or something, but so cute! No, we didn't take pictures.
Money quote regarding the 3D model, which Chip was in charge of:
Me: Well, this is your dad's project, I don't know what his plan is for the wheels.
Connor: No, it's MY project- for school? Remember?
Heh- oh yeah. What age do they actually do their own school projects? 19?

I decided that it's time for me to bite the bullet and wake up early to exercise. I managed to get in the habit of waking up before 6:00 in order to get ready on time- can't I add another 15-20 minutes in order to do some kind of workout? Turns out, I can. Thanks for the inspiration, Stacey!

Wednesday, the kids made their recording debut with Harlan T. Bobo and the Luv Clowns. This was despite Connor's violent opposition to the idea. (Not the idea of recording something, but the idea of doing ANYTHING NEW.) I let former rock star Chip handle that while I met a friend for margaritas on the patio at El Porton. Safe to say I won that round.

Also on Wednesday, one of my favorite internet blogs published a list I had sent in. So fun! But the inspiration for the list was sad. I hated hearing that Dixie Carter died. And thena few days later, Dr. Hooks. We lost some good people this week.

Thursday, Chloe had her annual check up, wherein we were told she is tall (97th percentile, a good four inches taller than your average four-year-old) and thin (actual quote from the doctor, "You're skinny, you know that?"). She had her finger pricked and blood drawn, and although it didn't really hurt at the time, her indignation grew as the visit wore on. What did hurt was trying to get a urine sample out of her. Hurt me, that is. I could die happy if I never had to share another public bathroom with Chloe.

Today I'm running in the Maria Montessori 5K, which is totally stupid because my 5K skills are seriously lacking. Plus I just found out that it's run on grass. But at least I got to skip my 5:30 a.m. workout because of this! Being in shape sucks.

Memphis Farmers Market opens tomorrow morning! Woohoo! I hope to see you there. Chip won't be with us, since he's judging the American Mock Trial Association National Championship Tournament, hosted by my awesome employer/alma mater. But he'll enjoy eating whatever I buy there.

I saved the fanciest news of the week for last. Chip relaunched his photography website at Isn't it pretty? If I ever get remarried, I'm totally asking him to do the pictures.

TGIF! Have a great weekend!


Sassy Molassy said...

The problem with hay is that it will sprout on you. I wouldn't put soil on top of it. Clear it off and cover it with pro-mix or another garden mix. You can put the hay back as mulch, but I can tell you from experience that it's going to sprout and look like a lawn in a month.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good week. Good luck in the race tonight and see you at the farmer's market tomorrow!

Cheapo Mimi in Nashville said...

I'm a Ruth Stout advocate, she say's if you have a weed, you dont have hay thick enough, throw some more on it. i keep a thick mulch, hay, straw, whatever i can get year around. worked for 20 years

Stacey Greenberg said...

Glad I inspired you! Now hand over that 5th place medal, Missy!