Monday, March 29, 2010

She's A Full-On Monet

I've spent the weekend painting, something that is unusual for many reasons. For one thing, I'm not at all a visual artist. For another, it's impossible to paint anything when the kids are around- they want to TOUCH IT. Amazingly, I was able to overcome both of those obstacles and have a fun, colorful weekend.

Friday I ventured out for a night of eating, drinking and painting with friends at the ARTjamN paint studio. I think painting on a canvas is exhilarating, but since I honestly don't have a lot of talent in the area I never think to invest in the materials. I remember loving a high school art class that centered around painting- it gave me an excuse to create something, no matter how ugly it might turn out. Once I heard about ARTjamN, I had a feeling it would provide the same kind of atmosphere that long-ago art class did. And I was right! It was so much fun to hang out with nine wildly creative women, watching them work and seeing the diverse but amazing art they managed to whip up in a couple of hours. I can't wait for another similar girls' night out.

Chloe was delighted with the flower I painted for her wall, even if it was easily the least impressive thing to come out of ARTjamN Friday night. Connor has made me promise to paint something for him soon, and even asked to come along and paint something for himself! Maybe it's time for me to invest in canvas and paints after all and develop a little mother-son amateur art studio at our house. I believe Connor could come up with some good stuff if given the opportunity, and I'd get credit for "playing with him" if I worked alongside him. Sounds like a win-win!

Saturday night, after the kids went to bed, I snuck into our downstairs half-bath and painted it a lovely dark brown called "Iron Gate." (Benjamin Moore) The kids were in awe on Sunday morning, and completely offended that I had done such a thing without letting them watch. Then they both touched every inch of surface in the bathroom, including the still-sticky leftover paint tray. Sigh.

After all the ooohing and aaaahing and hand-washing, I drove the kids to Jackson to pass them off to their grandparents for an exciting Spring Break trip to Nashville. Exciting for me, that is. Oh, the childlessness!!! When I returned to Memphis, Chip and I got to work painting the den "Blue Heather." (Also Benjamin Moore) The den takes a lot longer than a bathroom does, and after a chardonnay, some halloumi cheese, UT and Baylor losses, a nice zinfandel, and countless DVRed stcoms, we still are not quite done. But we will be before those kids get home and start touching stuff. Then I'm going to take a nice little break before moving on to the other downstairs rooms, all of which will be painted in the near future. Slowly.


Cullen said...

Glad i didn't get asked to help on that project. I am good on the construction side, not so much the painting. No patience for it.

Stan said...

hm, no pictures?

Anonymous said...

The flower for Chloe turned out great. Hope to see pics of the finished remodeled rooms.