Thursday, November 12, 2009

Have You Seen Me Lately

Recently, a friend emailed me and asked what the Chockleys are up to. "It stresses me so when you don't blog daily." Well, I don't want to upset anyone! So here we go.

This past weekend was very busy, with an awesome Rock n Romp and a wonderful day building and eating dozens of raviolis. Instead of trying to describe it myself, I will urge you to read Chip's description of the Rock n Romp here, and read Richard's description of the weekend here (the Chockleys weren't at Ronald McDonald House, but still), and Stacey's story of the raviolis here. There are also plenty of pictures on Flickr, which you can click on over at the right.

In other news, Chloe took her first sick day in years this Monday. She has been really congested and snotty and sinus-y all week, although she hasn't had a fever and her energy level has been pretty good. She spent most of Monday in her PJs on the couch, though- that was her low point.

Connor has learned to whistle, and also how to tie his shoes. Sometimes he does them at the same time! But he does them both often, as his knots don't usually hold for long, and any opportunity to make an annoying noise is jumped on. I'm really proud of him. Two more little milestones that let me know how grown up he's getting.

Chip and I had a date on a school night last night! We went to the Hunt Phelan to enjoy their Downtown Dining Week deal. It was awesome- I love an unexpected date night! A special thanks to Mom, for taking care of her baby and her baby's babies on a Wednesday night. We all appreciate it!

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ah, now all is right with the world.