Friday, October 16, 2009

Typical Night

Connor, when told he needs to read a wee Halloween book to me and Chloe, completely falls off the cliff because it wasn't the book he would have chosen and so he spends the rest of the night screaming and crying and kicking and grunting. He always goes from 0 to 60 like that, skipping the part of the process where a normal person would say, "If I read this Halloween book, can I pick out something else too?" He always wants something he doesn't have, to the point that he doesn't even realize that he actually DOES have it, if he could just hold himself together long enough to get to it.

Meanwhile, Chloe decided that she has too many baby dolls, and talked to one of her teachers about donating some to the classroom. So we sat in her room and made piles of dolls- the ones to keep, the ones to donate, and of course the ones to give to baby Harper. Then she patiently waited on Connor to get done with his fit (didn't happen, btw- we just moved the fit into his room with the door closed) so that she could cuddle up with me and read books.

Also typical- they managed to do all that and still be in bed asleep by 8:15. FTW!!!!!

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