Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Controlling the Chaos

Chip keeps putting up pictures because I can't find the time to write anything here. It's been a busy week or two, most of it revolving around the lovely campus shown in that last post. Not only is working there keeping me busy, but hauling the family to t-ball practices and games on the back forty is keeping me on campus even more than usual.

Because it's what I do when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I will have to provide a family update through numbers and lists. Here you go.

Things Chloe cried about between bathtime and bedtime last night:
There was no pillowcase on her pillow
I brushed her hair
I put a clean pillowcase on her pillow, and she prefers it dirty

Number of times Chloe ignored a direct order from a parent between bathtime and bedtime last night: 3
Number of times Chloe got in trouble between bathtime and bedtime last night: 3

Reasons I haven't written about Connor's t-ball experience:
No wifi at t-ball practice
Chip forgot to bring the camera to the first game
Too busy watching the American Idol finale

Skills Connor and his teammates still need to practice:
Which direction to run in order to reach first base

Great things about working at Rhodes:
Summer hours (leave at 4:00 if I'm caught up)
Summer dress code (casual)
Student workers (the reason I'm able to leave at 4:00)

Family members affected by allergies this week:
Connor (lots of drainage and coughing)
Chloe (lots of eye rubbing)
Chip (lots of everything)

Number of miles I've jogged this week: 15

Body parts currently aching:

Ways Connor's teacher has coped with the last two weeks of school:
All-day zoo field trip
All-day picnic/play day
Begging us to check him out early on Friday
Lots of movies

Weeks until I'm on the beach: 4

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