Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hell on Wheels

As usual, I'm posting about last weekend when it's almost time for a new one to start. But remember last week, when I posted weekend pictures of Chloe on the Big Wheel? Well, she had gotten so good at riding the Big Wheel, and so frustrated with the lack of traction from those smooth plastic tires, that on Sunday we decided to put her on a bike.

She struggled on her first trip around the cove because she kept accidentally pedaling backwards, which puts on the brakes. Then she spent a lot of time watching her feet as she rode, which caused her steering to suffer. But very soon she got the hang of it and just loved it.

We definitely need to buy a bigger helmet for her huge noggin, but I appreciate that she was able to coordinate her other accessories to match the small old helmet that we had on hand.

She hopes to someday be as fast as her brother, who is still using training wheels. We took them off, and he ignored the bike for an entire summer, so we caved in and put them back on.

If Chip and I could work up the enthusiasm to buy our own bikes, we might just have ourselves a new family hobby!

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