Sunday, April 20, 2008


Scatological humor is definitely the number one laugh-getter at our house. (This is only because the kids have not yet learned the proper use of "That's what she said!") Sometimes it's intentional, as both kids know to declare "I farted!" and dissolve into a fit of giggles after doing the deed. Sometimes it's accidental, as when Chloe's budding language skills cause her to refer to all kitty cats as "shitty" and my mom's cat, Swoopes, as "Poops." (She also constantly declares that Clark's fur has poop in it, then cracks up. What is with her and the cats?)

Today I asked Connor if he wanted to watch a new Diego with me and Chloe. "Aw, I saw that one yesterday," he said, as if this was just another mundane episode. But then it started, and I was thrilled to realize that this one was about poop! Yes, the iguana was going to save the strawberry crop at Abuelito's farm by eating some strawberries, carrying the seeds in his stomach, and pooping them out at the farm. I was as attentive as I have ever been during one of these shows, all the way until the end when the iguana asked, "Are we almost there? I've got to go!" I laughed and laughed as the iguana ran around dropping piles of strawberry-seed-filled poop all over the place. "Hey Connor! You didn't tell me this episode was about POOP! This is good stuff!"

As I have mentioned, this is a serious topic in our house. Connor had apparently missed the point of the episode and did not appreciate what I was implying. He got as mad as I have ever seen him. "Mom! That was NOT about poop!" "Dude- that was totally about poop!" I rewound to show him. He not only didn't believe me, but accused me of lying and told on me to Chip. I was too busy laughing to be upset. He couldn't maintain that level of animosity when he saw how much fun I was having with it, so we spent the rest of the weekend mock-arguing about whether or not the iguana pooped out strawberry seeds. We even gathered outside opinions (Chloe, Grammy) on the subject of whether or not strawberries could grow out of poop. He continued to accuse me of lying, however, which showed me that he was still a little upset that I had ruined him on strawberries for all of eternity.

And sadly that was the highlight of my weekend, since otherwise I pretty much felt like shit.

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Shannon said...

hehe - "poop"