Friday, February 22, 2008

February Funk

Things making me miserable these days:
1. My job. Why is filling this position so hard?
2. The illnesses constantly suffered by at least one member of my family for the last three weeks.
3. The lack of regular sleep caused by #2
4. The stupid cold-but-not-cold-enough-to-be-interesting weather that is keeping us indoors.
5. The way #2 and #4 have conspired to keep me from getting regular exercise.
6. The extra five pounds I'm carrying around my midsection because of #5.
7. The fact that #2 and #4 have made me miss a lot of work. You'd think, based on #1, that I'd enjoy that. But somehow it just makes #1 that much worse when I get back in the office.
8. The whining that comes with #2 and #4. Not just from the kids, but from all of us.
9. Coming to terms with the fact that I am not a natural blonde.

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