Friday, September 28, 2007

We Travel Light

Last night I thought I'd get started packing for our upcoming trip, and ended up stuffing a suitcase with everything I own. Seven days is a long time- there were a lot of possibilities to plan for. It might be hot- it might not. It might just be hot during the day, and cold at night. We might go somewhere nice to eat, or we might not. It might be hot when we go somewhere nice. Or cold. It might rain! I need to be prepared. (And don't get me started on shoes- they got their own separate bag.) This might seem like overkill, but having endless clothing options is what I consider fun. So an optimal vacation experience for me is going to require a full closet. I'll probably spend the whole time in the same grimy pair of shorts and a bathing suit, but knowing everything else is there will help me enjoy my many margaritas that much more. But I'll still hit that outlet mall in Destin, just in case there's anything else I might need.

With one suitcase full, I went about piling up a bunch of beach towels and bottles of sunblock, hoping to find something suitable to transport them in before we leave. That pile was no match for my children. As Chloe wandered around sucking on the top of a spray bottle of spf 45, Connor found the skateboard-covered towel that I had forgotten was on the top shelf of the closet. "IS THIS FOR ME?!?!" he hollered, running through the house with the towel flapping behind him, excited by anything "new" no matter how banal said item might be. He soon decided, however, that we would get to the beach faster if that towel was folded back up, and proceeded to spend a good twenty minutes trying to get that sucker folded "all by himself." Meanwhile, Chloe had also discovered the towels, tossing one over her head and stumbling through the house, bouncing off walls and cackling maniacally. Chip came upon the scene with a startled, "Oh no!" but after a few minutes of observation he understood why I was just watching the chaos unfold rather than trying to stop it. At the Chockley household, we will sacrifice just about anything in the name of comedy, including my well-intentioned pre-packing and/or our children's dignity. And if something gets left behind because the kids thought that espadrille was a ramp for their Hot Wheels? No sweat. I'll be happy to use that as an excuse to run back over to the outlet mall.

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Stacey Greenberg said...

seriously, bwana got a beach house with no internet?