Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend, we did. . . nothing. At least, as close to nothing as we could get. It was wonderful.

Friday night we made a quick appearance at Cocktail Hour and then came home for dinner and decent bedtimes. Although we missed the company, we did not miss having zombie children all day Saturday.

Saturday we played, watched TV, spent time outside, then the kids spent the night at Grammy's, meaning Chip and I were able eat our take-out food in peace. We also drank a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end of my crappy summer work project.

Sunday, after a day of doing nothing of note, we went to On the Border for dinner. Connor said, "Is anyone going to meet us at the restaurant?" We replied, "No, Connor. Miss S is out of town this weekend." After dinner, Chip dutifully wrote a review for Dining With Monkeys.

On Monday we had planned to go to the zoo, but a last-minute invite to the JCC changed that. We had the usual good time with Team Oster-Greenberg, and enjoyed seeing Vanessa and Miles. Vanessa and I had a lengthy discussion about how much our children already conform to their gender roles. Then when we got home, Chloe sat down in front of me, handed me a bottle of nail polish, stuck out her foot and said, "Toes." So I obliged.

A wonderful, relaxing weekend to end the summer. It might be January before we have another one this free of structure, so we did our best to enjoy it.


Stacey Greenberg said...

love the pictures!

Cathy said...

Here here to the end of crappy summer work projects!

Cathy said...

And to adorable naked baby booties!