Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Week in Review

Chloe? Weighs 28 pounds.

While watching one or the other of my summer reality competitions, I saw a commercial for a show called "Singing Bee." This sounded really stupid until I realized it was a competition about remembering song lyrics. This is how I will win my fortune! I know the words to every pop song ever played on the radio. Feel free to challenge me. If this show has teams, I'm grabbing Heather and signing up. If not, don't tell her about this- I don't want that kind of competition. I hope the prizes are big.

Our house has a for sale sign in the yard! I had a dream last night that my across-the-street and next-door neighbors also but their houses on the market, but for way cheaper than ours. Let the anxiety begin!

Our house is super-clean (see above item) and last night when I came home I realized that I couldn't live in a permanently super-clean house. It just isn't right, and doesn't seem like home to me. Chip, however, thinks this is paradise.

Chloe got her first haircut, just a little trim around the front to keep it out of her eyes. She was really good, only crying for a second when we first got there. I don't have pictures of it though, because I made a conscious decision not to take the camera. I'm sure it goes without saying that both parents and the camera were present for Connor's first haircut. That's why we put pictures of Chloe on Connor's birthday post- it seemed only right that he get the shaft for once, since it's usually her.

This week I realized that despite my best efforts, Connor really enjoys listening to age-appropriate music. He still likes to dance around to our 311 video, but he really does like to listen to Noggin Radio on the computer, and sing along to things like Farmer in the Dell in the car. From now on I will try to respect that.

Mike Conley, Jr.!

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