Sunday, April 29, 2007

One Candle on the Cake

Here we were, a little more than a year ago. We all knew our lives were about to be very different- Cathy with her first baby, Beth with a second girl arriving barely more than a year after the first, me with a little sister for Connor and Aunt Tiffany with three more babies to buy stuff for.

Unexpectedly, Francie came first, taking the genes her big sister left behind.

Then Chloe came a couple of weeks later- about when we expected her, but still on her own terms.

Charlie seemed to know that the party had gotten started without him, and decided May 1 would do- no sense waiting until June.

Tiffany made sure all the babies were well-dressed and all the mamas were fed and rested, and that the older kids still felt important.

I wish I had the talent to express how important it is to me to have these women in my life. Instead I'll just say thanks, Tiff, for stopping by to see the kids last weekend. Beth, sometimes I still cry because you aren't closer. Cathy, my life has been better since you started working across the street from me. I love you girls! And I'm so proud of us. Happy birthday, Mamas!

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Cathy said...

Boy, do we look, well, HUGE! Thanks for sharing in Charlie's celebration yesterday! It was fun and Miss Chloe and Connor were just adorable. I'd also like to give a shout out to Aunt Tiffy - She rocks!