Tuesday, March 27, 2007

B-E Aggressive, and weekend happenings

Chloe has developed a new aggressiveness in the past couple of weeks. This kind of shatters my idea that she and I are kindred spirits in disposition and temperament. I, for example, have never growled and dive-bombed my head, with all 7 sharp teeth bared, after the hand of someone trying a bite of my food. I am not so earnest in my desire for 3rd or 4th helpings of my dinner that I screech and bang the table.

Maybe this is all tied to moving into a new room at school, where obviously they don't have enough food to go around. Survival of the fittest, or something like that.

We enjoyed our trip to Nashville this past weekend, to celebrate my grandfather's 75th and Mimi's (why should I publicize Mimi's age?) birthdays. Chloe spent lots of time looking cute for all the relatives, but I know her true nature.

Connor, meanwhile spent the time perfecting his crane kick:

I spent the time taking super-zoomed pictures of the animals at the Nashville Zoo:

And engaged in deadly-serious bouts of Nintendo Wii with Bwana:


Stacey Greenberg said...

may have to start calling you mini-bwana after that last shot. or maybe bwana jr. chip off the old bwana. something bwana-ish.

Memphisotan said...