Monday, April 20, 2009

My Top Five

Unlike Ross Gellar, my list of top five celebrity crushes is not laminated. Instead, it is a document that gets updated fairly regularly. If I think someone needs to be added, I do not take it lightly- the whole list gets reconsidered! Here's where things stand currently.

1. Nick Hexum
Always my number one, although he once shared the top spot with the man currently in slot number four. (See what I did there?) Nick is lead singer of my favorite band, he's politically active, and he looks damn good with no shirt on. His only flaw is that he's a dog person, but I believe he could convert me. 
(More Nick, since I can't find any pics of DJ Gallo)

2. DJ Gallo
DJ debuts at number two, coming out of nowhere to bump some old favorites off the list. DJ is a sports satirist who writes like he has read my mind. I believe I could replace Chip next to me on the couch with Mr. Gallo and not miss a beat. It's like he already knows all my old jokes. And he's adorable.

3. Taylor Kitsch
Ah, Tim Riggins. One of the many reasons to watch Friday Night Lights is to see this man in action. He perfectly plays that character who all the guys in town wish to be and all the girls in town sleep with. He's dirty and bad and so, so good. You can see him next month on the big screen in Wolverine. I'll be seeing that one in the theater.

4. Brad Pitt
It can't be denied. Plus he changes diapers! Brad is the elder statesman of this group, and even as he moves down the list I know he'll never drop off completely. Unless he is horribly disfigured in an accident or something- I mean, this is a list based on looks.

5. Taye Diggs
He has been on and off this list over the years, but there's no denying his perfection. I used to watch Kevin Hill, for cryin' out loud. I tried to slog through that Groundhog Day show he was on a couple of years ago. And I even set a season pass for Private Practice, despite the fact that I hate Grey's Anatomy. (Confession- I also hate Private Practice. Sorry Taye. I tried.) Beautiful.

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cjaxon said...

In no particular order, because they shuffle:
John Cusack (the one I would replace the hubby with)
Jeremy Piven (come on - he's adorable)
Christian Bale (loved him since Little Women - don't care about the recent hullabaloo)
Brad Pitt (no one cares that he smells)
... crap, can't think of a 5. SAD!