Thursday, April 02, 2009

They Do Crack Me Up Sometimes

We've taught Connor to successfully use the phrase "Who shot who in the what now?"

Normally Connor is very literal and refuses to let things go unexplained. (This is mainly a problem when we are trying to pull one over on Chloe.) However, I made a joke with Connor the other day, and he got the joke. Then at dinner I referenced the joke in front of the whole family. Chip said, "Huh?" but instead of explaining it, Connor shot me a conspiratorial glance and said, "Oh, just a joke Mom and I have." His first inside joke!

Chloe has decided she knows how to go cross-eyed. She accomplishes this by getting a really intense look on her face as her eyes go wide and the right one moves almost imperceptively inward. (Not pictured.) Then she and whoever is witnessing it laugh and laugh and laugh, because it's about funny as hell.

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