Friday, April 24, 2009

Updatey-Like (tm Stacey)

I've been neglecting the kids. (On the blog, not in real life.) I think it's because I wanted to put up a picture of their haircuts, but I keep forgetting to take a picture. I also need a picture of Connor's mouth, since another tooth literally fell out and now he has a four-tooth gap with two big teeth inadequately filling it in. Seriously- he was writing something at school, leaning over his desk, and the tooth just fell out. Then he couldn't find it. But he consulted with his friend Wallace, who had also lost a lost tooth one time, and Wallace said the Tooth Fairy just "knew". I love the idea of Connor consulting with his friends about shared problems. Just like most things he does these days, it seems terribly grown-up.

(Chasing his sister around while I have the camera out, in order to put bunny ears behind her head? Not so grown up. But hilarious nonetheless.)

I'm really excited that it's time for shorts, because seeing my kids' long, lily-white legs on a regular basis is about the best thing in the world. Although Chloe doesn't like wearing skirts anymore! I finally got her to tell me why, though. It's because, "Mommy, you always say 'oooh look at those legs!' and I don't like it!" Ha!

Chloe still doesn't care how dirty and disheveled she is at any given time. She thinks that when I brush her hair in the morning I am "ruining!" her new haircut. Chip pointed out that she has a fundamental misconception about what "haircut" means. This did not console her. So far three hasn't been an awesome age for her. Any friends out there I can consult with about this shared problem?

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Sassy Molassy said...

As he has done with many things, Calvin ruined us for three. Three was awesome for him. Then Joshua at three pushed me to just within a hair of needing Prozac. Somerset wasn't that bad at three, but Genevieve is not even all the way there yet and she already has the three-year-old-specific bipolar disorder.