Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chloe's Week

Our week with Chloe was a revelation. It turns out that when she's not cranky and tired at the end of the day, she's a lot of fun! I'm kidding a little- of course we knew this from spending the weekends with her. But spending nine solid days together was way more fun than I ever expected.

Part of her charm lies in her budding vocabulary. She picked up a new word or two every day, and even started putting them together into mini-sentences! Even though you didn't ask for it, here's a sampling: backpack, toothbrush, bath, box juice, sit, eat, rain(ing), Thank you Mama, C'mon Bubba! (She might have known "raining" for a long time, but we didn't see any rain until Saturday at 4:00- it's like the beach was letting us know our vacation was over!)

She didn't enjoy the beach quite as much as Connor did. She loved riding the waves in her fancy swim ring thing (sale aisle, Target), and she had no fear about running right into the waves when no one was holding her, but she wasn't really interested in playing in the sand. Lots of pathetic cries of "ow!" when the sand got, um, where it shouldn't. But with all the adults around, there was always someone willing to go inside with her for a bit.

She also showed herself to be quite the little clown when she realized it was a way to get everyone's attention focused on her. My sunglasses were her favorite comedy prop, and her favorite time of day was when Connor had fallen asleep early and she had all the adults to herself. In addition to generally acting afool, she also did a lot of singing. Sometimes, if she was just really happy, she would break into her favorite nonsense song (beeta-bah, beeta-bah) and then look for an adult to request "ABC?" That was always followed by "row row row" and then a round of clapping. She's not just a good performer- she's a good audience too.

The only bad part of the week for Chloe (read: us) is that we have magically undone her ability to fall asleep on her own. Part of me finds that frustrating, but part of me is happy to have an excuse to cuddle with her that much longer.

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