Monday, March 12, 2007


Weekend quotes:

Chloe! Get down from there! Somebody get her off of that.

There's Uncle Shannon!

Just spit the blood in the sink, Connor

Hey Chip, I'm still at Babies R Us. I just made eye contact with some guys who were shoplifting at Bed Bath and Beyond, so I left. But I can't get in my car because their getaway car is parked right next to mine! The engine is running, there's a guy in the backseat, and they left the doors open on my side so I can't get in. Nah, there's no reason to tell anyone- I'll just walk around until they get done robbing BB&B. It probably won't take that long.

Don't you want to put some makeup on before we go see Senor Dreamy?

Let's go outside and play!

Give Aunt Carrie a big hug!

Mommy, you need to wash your car.

She just used the spoon to put food in her mouth! Oops- and her hair.

I can't get over how big that baby's eyes are!


Unknown said...

Did Chip put any make-up on?

Memphisotan said...

Wow, how bad do you have to want a memory foam pillow to block someone in with your getaway car?

Stacey Greenberg said...

lol i wanna hear the whole bb&b story