Monday, July 26, 2010

Swim Team

Mom has friends who are out of town for a few weeks. They live very close to us, so they asked, "Sandra, would your daughter and her family like to use our pool while we're gone?" We answered with a resounding "HELL YES."

The kids are much more comfortable in a small, empty pool, like a hotel or backyard pool, than they are at Rhodes where it's huge, and deep, and super-crowded. In the more intimate setting, they are happy to swim like fishes, take turns jumping off the diving board, and chase after toys on the bottom of the pool. At Rhodes, they cling to the sides or to me. (Well, Chloe does. Connor's about over that.)

When I noted their comfort with the diving board and suggested they both try the diving board next time we're at Rhodes, they both answered with a resounding "HELL NO." So what I'm saying is, come August 3 I'm going to need an open invitation to someone's pool. It's going to be sad when we no longer have our own private backyard oasis- even if it's someone else's back yard.

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