Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chloe's Big Day

Yesterday, Chloe had her first real play date. Her best friend's dad picked the two girls up from school and took them home to play- I wasn't involved at all. Chloe was a little apprehensive the night before, but had a wonderful time (of course).

Then we went to Target to buy a birthday present for another of Chloe's friends, and to buy new helmets for the kids. Chloe has been riding Connor's bike lately (the one he won't take the training wheels off of) and Connor has been riding his scooter, and they've both been doing it with EXPOSED HEADS. That's right- we're those parents. Connor's helmet had been left outside and got moldy and yucky, and Chloe's helmet was too tight, so somewhere along the way they quit wearing them. A perfect excuse for a trip to Target.

We got there and start trying on helmets. Connor tried on one that said "Ages 5+"- it was too tight. So we went to the next size in a different brand that was for "Ages 8+"- perfect.

But Chloe. I started with the "Ages 8+" helmet, since we all know her head is bigger than that of your average five-year-old. It was cuuuute, too, brown with these little pink flowers on the bottom. I would totally wear a skirt in that pattern. We tried it on, and it rested on the crown of her head. Did not come close to fitting. So, in shock, I picked up the "Ages 14+" helmet and shoved it forcefully over her noggin. "NO!! TOO TIGHT!!!" she screamed while clawing it off. And that is how my sweet, delicate, four-year-old daughter ended up going home with an adult-sized bicycle helment. ADULT.

I don't even know what to say about that.

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BJune said...

Sorry, but that is an attribute of both the Taylor and Overall families--big heads! I had to take Wyatt to the high school to borrow a football helment for him when he started playing pee wee football!