Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Party at the Palmers

Team Chockley almost drove each other nuts cooped in the house this rainy weekend. But we made it, all of us single-minded in our ultimate goal: Charlie's Birthday Party, 3:00 Sunday afternoon.

Charlie's adorable brother, Henry. Beth and I stopped birthin' 'em in 2006, but crazy Cathy kept going.

Charlie's awesome cake. Seriously y'all, Costco knows how to make a birthday cake that feeds a million people, is affordable, and tastes awesome. (For the record, Connor couldn't be bothered to eat non-chocolate cake.)

My kids spent most of their time playing soccer in the carport (interspersed with begging me and Chip to play soccer in the carport). They had a lot of energy to run off!

The birthday boy. I appreciated his approach to opening gifts- he took the gift from each guest as they arrived, then immediately dropped to the floor and ripped it open. That's how it should be done!


Here's hoping all your wishes come true, Charlie! Happy birthday big boy!


Stanfill said...

happy birthday charlie!

Cathy said...

for the record, costco makes a chocolate cake, too. Thanks for the post and the wonderful pics! glad ya'll could come!