Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More About Maisy

Maisy was due on May 3. That day came and went with little or no fanfare, as Carrie was stuck on bed rest and really not allowed to get excited. By the end of that week, Shannon and Carrie had a house full of grandparents-to-be, a mild case of pre-eclampsia, and instructions to either go into labor over the weekend or show up Monday for an induction.

So they spent all of Monday, May 10, in the hospital, with Carrie pumped full of pitocin but not making much progress at all. Apparently the baby was too big to really move down the birth canal. She just sat there, in absolutely no hurry at all to come out. They finally gave up and sliced Carrie open. Maisy was so big that they had to use the vacuum thing to pull her out, despite the easy access afforded by the C-section. She was 22 inches in length, and a robust 10 lbs, 6 oz. I'm starting to think they miscalculated the due date, and that Maisy should have come out sometime in March.

That Monday, while family and friends in Memphis waited (not so) patiently by the phone, I got a text from Carrie's best friend, Dee. She was coming out of her skin, and about ready to hop in the car and drive up there. "I'm going up Friday," I replied. "Come with me!" She texted back to say that she was in, and a girls' road trip was quickly planned. I'm so glad I had Dee to keep me company- that trip is about 750 miles each way! We drove up Friday, fought over who got to hold the baby for the next 24 hours or so, then got up early Sunday morning to come home. My butt was numb by the time Sunday evening rolled around, but it was totally worth it!

Can't wait to see Maisy, Carrie and Shannon again soon. We love you and miss you!


JenLF said...

Aw, she really is beautiful. Nice work, Carrie and Shannon!

Anonymous said...

She is the most beautiful baby. So alert! But like you said, she is about 2 months past her due date so she is practically a toddler. But so absolutely precious.

Rouxhauser said...

Poor Carrie. That whole pre-eclampsia, failed induction, c-section thing really sucks. Such a sweet, sweet baby is a pretty good reward though.
Hope everyone is doing well.