Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ten Spares

It's an oddity.  Not really an impressive game, but getting a spare in every frame of Wii Bowling is just... weird.  Did you know that if you get ten spares, you STILL don't break 200?  Anyway, here's how three generations of Chockleys throw it down.

 Good form.

 Nine frames of spares down, so the tenth is crucial.  Takes the brainpower of two Chockleys to map out the final pickup.

 The windup.

 The anticipation.

Ass kickery.


Unknown said...

The Google T-shirt doesn't do anything but make this scenario cooler.

Stephanie said...

I realized it was time to pick up the camera when the Roys went over to the TV and started mapping out how to pick up the spare. That picture makes me laugh every time I look at it!

RSM said...

Roy, I'm calling Child Protection Services. No child should be raised in such a nerdy home ;-)

Kerry said...

That is so awesome, completely made my day.