Monday, March 08, 2010

You Might Think He's a Jester

This probably isn't funny to anyone else, but it cracked me up.

At dinner the other night, Chloe asked me, "What's your mom's name?" She knows the answer to this question, but it's normal for her to start questioning me about all our relations, so I didn't think twice. I just said, "Sandra Miller!" and went on eating. Then she said, "Who's Sandra Miller?" and I said, "My mom!" and she cracked up and asked me what my mom's name was. That circular line of questioning continued, and we all laughed at her silly cleverness.

So Connor wanted in on the action, and decided to try a new question. Only, he didn't get it. He was completely unable to recreate the joke. And it made me laugh even harder than Chloe did.
C: Chloe, who's your teacher?
Chloe: Mrs. Hamilton.
C: Who's your teacher?!
Chloe: Mrs. Hamilton!
C: Uh, who's your teacher?
Chloe: Mrs. Hamilton . . .
He was trying so hard, you could see the wheels turning, but even though he tried for several minutes, he could never come up with "Who is Mrs. Hamilton?" Maybe I'm just a horrible person, but I've laughed about that for DAYS.

(Yeah, she's pretty funny.)

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Stanfill said...

looking good chloe b.!