Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As soon as the kids left town, Chip and I said, "Great- now where are we going to eat?!" For some reason, freedom from kids means one thing to us: dinner out. I guess it's because dinnertime is so stressful in our house, since I cook every night and my kids are picky and each meal eventually devolves into a negotiation regarding how many more bites must be eaten before one can move on to dessert.

So Monday night we went to Tsunami with Mark and Tiff to have the new Izakaya menu. I'm not exaggerating- we ordered everything on the menu. It was gooooood. Go get some tuna. Then last night we went to Iris, because we're boring and predictable, which also happens to be the reason I ordered the trout amandine. Again.

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to Brooklyn Bridge restaurant for Chloe's birthday dinner. I reviewed it for Dining With Monkeys. It was good too.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the review! Hope you had a great trip.