Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Ok, I'll listen to Steph about resolving to post more often. I don't make resolutions, usually. I like deciding to do something at some other unceremonious time of year and just doing it. I really don't post enough, and it's for lack of inspiration as much as anything. Who wants to read my rambling when it's not entertaining?

One thing that may give me more inspiration to post is this fancy new Nikon dSLR I got for Christmas. After all, even if I'm not writing something brilliant, pics of our kids are invariably entertaining. I've always cared enough about our photos that it bugs me when they look crappy-- hopefully now they'll look crappy less often.


That's Connor wowing Chloe with his ability to make fart sounds with a toy toilet full of slime. (That's actually the toy's intended purpose.)

And here's Chloe, just having made a similar sound the old-fashioned way:

I kid you not-- both of my kids are capable of clearing a room. All while looking very cute.


Stephanie said...

That first paragraph cuts me to the bone! Maybe your next post could be about why coloring one's hair is stupid, or maybe about how lame working at a college is.

An said...

In the past when I had longer hair and was working at a college, the thought of getting my hair colored crossed my mind after several visits to Japan. The Japanese are some pretty fashionable people and are seen as major trendsetters around the world and especially the Asia-pacific region. However, after visiting other parts of Asia, particularly China and Vietnam, I noticed the dudes that colored their hair looked more slimey than fashionable, and I think its because of the facial features. The bone structure in Japanese complements the colors well whereas the flatness of the other Asian's face, including myself, doesn't do the color any justice. So next time you get a chance to watch the Japanese men's soccer team play China, you'll see the variation from slimey to fashionable. But now, once i realized my head isn't shaped all too weird, I just keep it shaved and don't have to bother with my appearance. Occassionally, I'll be inspired with the ceremonious halloween and put a couple of blue streaks in there.

Chip said...

Wow, Di-- that's just quite a lot of info to process. Are you sober these days?

And Steph, my comments were not directed at you in any way, just at my own feelings of blogging inadequacy lately.

Stephanie said...

Don't try to butter me up- I'm posting pics of you with your walkie-talkie headphone things and game controller no matter what!