Monday, January 29, 2007

B and E

We've been bad bloggers this week- sorry. The truth is, I was weirded out knowing that someone out there has my laptop, with an Internet Explorer homepage of Now I know they didn't steal my laptop, then run over to Starbucks to enjoy a latte and free WiFi. They erased everything on it and sold it. But since overall I haven't been too crazy and freaked out, I'll allow myself a few quirky actions to make me feel safe and sane. Ignoring the blog was one of them. Not getting home before Chip in the evenings has been another. But I guess the five locks on the back door really help the most.

Other than that, not much new to report. Connor is still turning into a teenager before my eyes, and Chloe just gets cuter every day. Last weekend we got to spend time with Beth, Francie and Delaney- we took lots of cute pictures but that blog post was one that got sacrificed for my peace of mind. This weekend Chloe's BFF Charlie came over, and I'm afraid we didn't take any pictures. Chloe turned into alpha dog with Connor away and a guest her age in the house- any toy Charlie started playing with was immediately confiscated by Chloe. I know it's normal for kids her age, but I really think she learned it from Connor, who does the same thing to her constantly.

So anyway, sorry for the picture/blog post drought. Hopefully we'll get back in the swing of things and actually post something interesting, rather than just a check-in report. I have my fingers crossed that this week will be better than last.

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Cathy said...

We had a great time on Saturday! Charlie isn't aware of the art of sharing, yet; I think he was just excited to be in Miss Chloe's presence!