Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Day Six

Author's note: This post is a departure from our usual topics. It's mainly just for Shannon, Cullen and Tiffany. So if you don't watch 24, feel free to skip it.

Comments, observations, thoughts and absolutely NO SPOILERS from the first four hours of the new season of 24:

1. I'm totally watching the first four episodes of 24 before they air! The internet rules!
2. Bill Buchanan=Silver Fox
3. This show is clearly science fiction, set waaaaaay in the future- the U.S. has just elected its second black president.
4. I would absolutely vote for a member of the Palmer family for any public office.
5. Hour one features the most badass death ever.
6. Jack's averaging about an outfit an hour. I guess being a producer has perks!
7. New character nickname: PM(M)VM (Poor Man's (Muslim) Vanessa Marcil). Why is this little girl in charge at CTU? I'm gonna enjoy watching Chloe tear her a new one on a regular basis.
8. Catherine!
9. OK, Jack Bauer's headstone will obviously be engraved with the following: "I told you so! Jeez!"
10. Is there any reason that the Biscuit delivered his first line with a massive Southern accent, and then dropped it immediately?
11. OK, Regina King has some weird muscular cleavage thing going on. It would be no big deal if they hadn't picked a shirt that awkwardly emphasizes it. She knows she has to wear that all season, right? (Unless Keifer puts in a good word for her.)
12. But one example of #7: PM(M)VM says, Chloe, you should do blah blah blah. Chloe's retort? "You mean like I'm doing already?" And the Chockleys exchange high-fives.
13. You think our daughter wasn't named at least in part for Chloe O'Brian? Well then, clearly you've never watched 24.
14. OMG not the knee! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
15. (Left off of Chip's list about me- Does not like for anyone to touch her knee. If someone does, she "puts it back in place" as soon as she beats them away from it.)
16. Harold/Kumar is the whitest person on this show. When he talks, it sounds like a black comedian making fun of how a white person talks.
17. Oh, brother Wayne. Mmmm.
18. Chip and I have been figuring out our survival scenario for if a wounded terrorist is ever holding us hostage in our living room. We think we've got it worked out.
19. I definitely have misgivings about some stereotyping-type stuff that is and is not going on. It's a discussion for after everyone has watched it.
20. Hasn't that guy been in about a million commercials? Isn't he like 15 years younger than Catherine?


Tiffany said...

I am just wondering if your goal is to ahve me at your house all day Saturday watching 24. I am freaking out!

Cullen said...

Whatever, this is a huge weekend. 4 NFL games, 2 Sat and 2 Sun, then 2 hours of 24 Sunday night and 2 more on Monday. And that is if you watch as scheduled. I need to go ahead and download 24 tonight so that I can watch it tomorrow. I am tired just thinking about it.

An said...

i'm booking flight now to be there for 24!

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