Monday, November 06, 2006

Snazzy new duds

So I've gotten really tired of the standard Blogger templates-- and the "dots" one we were using was particularly butt-ugly. So, I spent some time looking around, trying to figure out what the heck I was doing, and to learn just enough to make the blog look snazzy. I found some stuff by this guy Ghyslain Armand and modified his theme some for Chockley purposes. I don't know you from Adam, man, but thanks for the cool template.

My friend Brandon helped out with the image there at the top, and voila, new blog! I'll still be ironing out some kinks when I get a chance-- like making that Flickr thing down there actually point to OUR pics. Also, some of the older posts may look funky, especially the ones where we run our mouths for a while-- like that Seaside vacation post down there. Not much I can do about that-- we'll just have to split our really long ramblings into multiple posts from now on.

All you other bloggers may now bow down at my feet. And no, I won't re-do your blog for you, simply because I don't have any wires, mirrors, or voodoo left over from making this one work.


Anonymous said...

What is it that it takes to make a blog look this good? What do you call that stuff? Skill? No. Know-how? No. Ah, yes, Spare Time! I remember that stuff. I gotta' get me some of that.

Looks great!

Stacey Greenberg said...

ooh pretty!

Anonymous said...

hey, you should send us that family pic that's on the border of your blog page. you guys are one good lookin' family. love the new layout!