Friday, November 24, 2006

Mother's Little Helper

Up to now my kids have had somewhat of an entertainer/audience relationship, but lately Connor's interest in Chloe has become more caring in nature. This coincides with a recent desire to be helpful, which is a huge departure from his former passion to be as contrary as possible. Not that he's given that up completely or anything.

Anyway, it was nice to be able to put groceries away while he gave Chloe her bottle.

Chip also enjoyed eating a meal without employing the "two bites for me, two bites for Chloe" method he usually practices. He did teach it to Connor, who often told an impatient Chloe, "I've only had one bite! I get two!"

I wish I had something cynical and witty to say to end this post, but the truth is I'm all caught up in the holiday spirit and think my kids are just as cute as they can be. Sorry!

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Cathy said...

Can I borrow Connor so I can put my groceries away on Saturday? They're so cute! Chloe is such a big girl now!