Tuesday, November 28, 2006

All About Connor

Lately I have seen an abundance of those fun "all about me" lists out there on the interwebs. Andria's list finally inspired me to start typing. Allow me to present "A Dozen Fun Facts about Connor."

1. Refers to any time in the past, be it earlier today or two months ago, as "yesternight."
2. Knows how to pause the TiVo so that he doesn't miss a minute of the cartoon du jour when nature calls.
3. Can throw a tight spiral with an appropriately-sized football.
4. Gave himself a nickname, George Costanza-style, which is now widely used by friends, family, and teachers.
5. If his sleeve gets wet while washing his hands, he immediately (and often tearfully) demands a new shirt.
6. Favorite song is "Shake Your Booty" by KC and the Sunshine band.
7. When on the toilet, feels compelled to completely remove his pants, and sometimes his shirt, so as not to get them dirty.
8. Writes and eats with his right hand, but bats and plays guitar left-handed.
9. Knows the brand names of all of his shoes.
10. Current favorite phrase is "Let me show you something!" (Which Chip and I immediately repeat in Fire Marshall Bill mode.)
11. Adds an extra "-ed" to the end of words that are already in the past tense, as in "Daddy beated us home!" and "I wipeded myself!"
12. Does not know how to wipe himself.


Stacey Greenberg said...

so what is his nickname?

Cathy said...

Yes! I want to know the nickname, too!

Chip said...

Why, it's Connor Bo Bonner Chockley, of course. Which is variously shortened by some of his friends to "Bo Bonner." He has likewise name Chloe "Chloe Bo Boey", which I'm hoping is eventually shortened to just "Bo." Because I think it'd be cool to have a daughter named Bo.

Stephanie said...

There's a kid at his school who calls him "Bo Connor," which cracks me up the most.

I am never going to call Chloe "Bo"- Chloe B is the only nickname I'm ready to commit to!