Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This Halloween has been a bit of a bust. We've had this cool frog costume for months. We've talked about it, jumped around like frogs, made the noises... but never actually tried it on.

Then the time came-- Sunday, there was a Halloween shindig at a neighborhood church. We brought the costume to Connor, and you'd think someone had just shot Dora. He fussed, cried, resisted, and protested in every way he knew how. "No I don WANNA wear da frog!" I mean, this was serious. We pretty much forced him into the costume, and the antics intensified. We tried to speak to him calmly, with promises of candycandycandy, but he was having none of it. We gave it time, to see if he'd get used to it. No dice. He was hysterical. So finally, we relented. We were disappointed, but his will was an immovable force.

The next morning, we tried again, since Connor was supposed to wear his costume to school. Same reaction. So, we sent him to school in just a regular outfit, with the frog costume in a bag, hoping that the peer pressure would overwhelm him into wearing the thing.

Steph picked him up from school, and you guessed it, he had never put the costume on. He did have a big bucket o' candy, which he caressed in the car all the way home. I greeted them at the driveway. There he was, huge grin on his face, one hand in the bucket and another clutching a (still wrapped) sucker. Tightly.

We took him inside, where he immediately started sorting the candy into little piles (where does he get that from?), and began a marathon sucker session.

We somehow managed to force him to take a break to eat some mochacheese (macaroni and cheese) to buffer the inevitable stomach ache. After that, he immediately resumed the intense sorting and sucking.

We tried to entice him into the frog costume once again, with promises of actual trick or treating, and even MORE candy. He had absolutely no interest in that -- the frog costume had by that point become a symbol of all that is evil in the world, and he had all the candy in the world right in front of him. Why leave this nirvana?

Steph and I were just a bit too disappointed over the frog costume, and the refusal to participate in "real" Halloween activities. Obviously, Connor was ecstatic with all the candy. And hey, the Halloween stuff is for HIM, not us, right?

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Stacey Greenberg said...

i think i crammed jiro in that frog suit at some point last year.

2 year olds are hard. next year will be better!

your pumpkin is making me feel inferior btw!