Thursday, November 17, 2005

I can't!

Connor went through a period where every sentence started with "I need. . ." Sometimes there wasn't even an end to the sentence- he didn't know what he needed, but he was sure he needed something. While that's still in his repertoire, it has been replaced in sheer volume by "I can't. . ." This phrase actually means "I don't want to"- maybe he thinks "I can't" carries more weight. An example can be seen in this picture:

Connor, pull your pants up.
I CAN'T pull my pants up!

So a typical evening sounds like this: I can't wash my hands! I can't eat my chicken nuggets! I can't take a bath! I need some candy.

PS- Once I busted out the camera, he pulled his pants right up! When he becomes a teenager? Pwn3d!

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