Friday, August 17, 2012

Oops! Week Two

Did I let the whole week slip by without saying hi? That's because this is the week when it all caught up with us. I am dragging! I've let two weeks of getting up early go by without really putting myself to bed any earlier. The kids haven't had any meltdowns yet, but Chip and I have maybe not been our best selves every morning. I promise I'll make those lunches ahead of time next week! Either that or just buy ten Lunchables this weekend and call it a day. The siren song of processed, packaged food is calling me, and maybe global warming isn't so bad, right? (Kidding! Jeez, don't call child services or Al Gore or anything. I'll be strong.)

Connor has a lot of homework. A lot more than he's used to, anyway. And the problem is, he is just so slow! He'll do anything to avoid actually putting pencil to paper and answering the questions. So I think he's making it worse than it has to be. Luckily, he's not putting up any resistance yet- that will come later, I'm sure.

Chloe's teacher had strep throat to start the week, then today is out to take her kid back to college. I know those things can't be avoided, but two subs in the second week of school? Let it be noted for the record that I don't like that.

I love worrying about these minor elementary school problems, though, and look forward to many more years of it. Yesterday, the first-year students moved into the dorms at Rhodes, and today their parents will drive off, leaving their babies behind. It's too much to think about. Last night, both of my kids ended up in bed with me during the storm. I lay there while they sweated and squirmed all over me and thought about the kids spending their first night in the dorms. Did the storm scare them? Did they feel empowered, weathering it on their own? I can't even imagine what they're thinking, because I'm too far on the other side now. I could only imagine their parents, listening to that storm from their hotel rooms, patting the empty spot beside them on the mattress where their babies used to run for comfort. Did the parents feel scared? Did they feel empowered? I'm sure that when the time comes, we'll all be ready. But last night I smothered them with kisses and held on as tightly as I could. And they welcomed it.

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Beverly said...

My friends always told me I would never be able to let my boys go. I told them it was a process, and I would know when the time came that it was time. I did. When Brian went far off to Rhodes, I was excited for him! However I found I still wanted to shop for him, do his laundry, etc. Finally one day he said essentially, Mom it is time for you to grow up, I can do my own stuff! Now, that was hard!