Monday, August 06, 2012

First Day

Chloe marched into first grade like she owns the place this morning. Little girls rushed up to hug her as soon as she walked in, and she didn't look back. For a minute I was concerned because most of her friends are in a different class, but I soon realized that most of MY friends are in that other class. Chloe knew everyone in her class and wasn't worried at all. I guess it's time for ME to start making some new friends, not her!

She got the teacher I had hoped she'd get. Mrs. Holloway is rumored to be very musical and use lots of songs and things in her teaching. That's got Chloe written all over it. A lot of other parents recommended her, and Mrs. Berry (our perfect kindergarten teacher who has set the bar unreasonably high) said she felt Chloe and Mrs. Holloway would be a good match. I believe anything Mrs. Berry has to say, so there you go.

Connor started fourth grade, and I have to say- I didn't know anything about fourth grade before today. I didn't know the teachers, I didn't know how the whole multiple teacher thing would work, nothing. I just knew where fourth grade was- the same place where I did my student teaching and where I had my very first class as a brand new teacher in January 2000. And guess what? My classroom is Connor's classroom! Crazy.

(Photo by Chip on the SECOND day of school, since he totally forgot to take a picture on the first day!)

He has Mrs. Thompson for homeroom, social studies and language arts. At some point during the day, his class switches over to Mrs. Bailey for math and science. He seems pretty excited about the multiple teacher aspect of things. I can't imagine he can keep up with books/papers/assignments from one class to the next, since he can't always make it from my car to his classroom with his lunchbox. It will be good practice for him as he starts transitioning toward middle school. OMG, let's not talk about it.

Opposite of Chloe, I saw plenty of names I recognized on Connor's class list, but all he could see were the omissions. His three best buddies- A, H and W- are all in a different class. Together. How will he ever live!?!? I pointed out that he might actually be able to focus on learning if he's not goofing off all the time. He wasn't amused. But I do feel bad for him- if we lived in the neighborhood he could just bike over to these guys' houses and play whenever he wanted. But because we're out here, it's harder for him to stay in the loop when he's not in the same class. It makes me feel guilty that we're stuck in this house and I've done it all wrong. But I'll just be sure and have more sleepovers and be more aggressive in planning playdates. And maybe- just maybe- that boy will branch out and make new friends. It could happen, I swear! I'll show him by making new first grade parent friends. We can do it together, Connor!

One day down, 179 to go! Woohoo!

P.S. Happy birthday, Mom!

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