Thursday, August 23, 2012

All the Things She Said

"I've never had Taco Bell, but it looks DELICIOUS!"
-while watching a Taco Bell commercial

"Is somebody winning?"
-while watching a basketball game

"I've always wanted to ride in a submarine!"
-apropos of nothing

"Uh, yeah girl!"
-when told by her mother that this pizza has both chicken and bacon

"Not women TOO!?!?"
-when discovering that women only recently were granted civil rights

"Mommy, I will eat this Nutella like it's my JOB!"
-upon tasting Nutella for the first time

"Will you wax my ears?"
-when feeling some sinus pressure in her ears

"Merida, I had no idea your story would be so sad!"
-speaking to the Merida doll she brought with us when we saw Brave

"It's everything I've ever wanted!"
-while holding me by my shoulders and looking deep into my eyes, after describing the Baconator commercial in detail

"You just got SERVED! By the Serve Master!"
-after winning a game of Skip-Bo

"I don't really like British teeth."
"This guy is no Pitbull."
"Are there not any black people in England?"
"Is their queen not allowed to smile?"
"That guy is too old to be a prince!"
-while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics

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Stacey Greenberg said...

Hilarious. And awesome. <3