Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What's Connor up to as he turns six? As the pictures can attest, he's turning into a professional athlete. He definitely inherited my competitivenees- as the t-ball season progressed, so did Connor's desire to make outs. (I'd say his desire to win, except that we don't keep score in t-ball. Whatever!) He was occasionally hard on teammates who didn't make plays, but was especially hard on himself when he let a ball get by him in the field. I tried to point out that, say, the third baseman was sitting on the ground filling his glove with dirt, but that didn't make Connor feel any better. And I appreciate that.

Connor's very favorite thing to do is swim. He has become really confident in the water this year, and can jump in and swim with no problem. He can hold his breath underwater and count to 29. We recently spent an evening at a pool together, him in a swimsuit in the water and me in normal clothes watching from a chair on the side. We were both comfortable with this arrangement- I knew I could jump in and save him if necessary, but I also knew it probably wouldn't come to that. As we walked in, I said, "Dude- don't drown, okay?" He rolled his eyes and jumped in. Then I managed to teach him how to do a cannonball from my perch on the chair! He's also working on swimming freestyle and taking a breath mid-stroke. I think that right now he's only gotten as far as taking his face out of the water, but I'm sure someday soon he'll actually take a breath. I'm hoping that next summer he can join a swim team- I've been told that works better than lessons for improving his skill.

Other things he loves these days: reading comic books with his dad, building Lego sets and Bionicles, and did I mention swimming?

I love you, Connor! The first six years have been a lot of fun. Thanks for turning me into a mama and making my life so special!


Cory said...

happy birthday connor! wish we could be there to celebrate with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Such a handsome dude!

cjaxon said...

Happy Birthday Connor!