Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Someone recently asked me what I was doing with the radishes in my CSA share. I was embarassed to admit that the first batch had become compost. So this week I vowed to do something with them. Thankfully, I was browsing through a Bon Appetit at my mom's house recently and found some inspiration- for the radishes and for those snow peas.

This is as simple as it looks- I blanched some fresh green beans (I am sorry to say that I have no idea which farmer I bought them from- got distracted by Chloe this week), added a couple of slices of proscuitto, radishes cut as thin as I can with my dull-ass knife, and a real simple sherry vinaigrette. Then I shaved some pecorino romano over it, because I basically do that with every meal I eat (see pic below as evidence). And I have to say, it made for an amazing meal.

As for the peas- I put them with pasta and a light ricotta/lemon sauce. It was pretty good, but the flavor of the peas really overpowered all the other flavors. I think, from now on, I'll stick to eating them with a little olive oil, whether raw or sauteed.

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