Monday, August 18, 2008

The Weekend in Pictures

We had quite a busy weekend, and like good little Nikon owners, we took pictures of almost all of it.

At Cocktail Hour, we rubbed the birthday boy's head for luck.

Chloe ate a block of parmigiano-reggiano like it was an apple, confirming rumors that she is the love child of Stephanie Chockley and George Costanza.

We obtained visual evidence, even more compelling than the ultrasound, that Gina is pregnant.

We went to the Zoo and spent a long time in the butterfly tent.

We had one last birthday celebration with fellow Leos Tiff and Mark. After opening presents with them and Mom, who graciously kept the kids on a school night, we went to the Farmer's Market dinner held at River Oaks. Yum!

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Hillary said...

what a pretty picture of you steph!