Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Note From the Editor

A few things I need to follow up on before moving on to new and no doubt exciting content.

1. I have gotten many comments and emails that indicate you people have made it through over 400 posts here without realizing I'm occasionally trying to be funny. So let me clear this up- I'm not at all bothered by the fact that my four-year-old can't read yet. I used to teach elementary school! I quit because I hated everything other than being with the kids! You all know that. I have plenty of patience with the learning process, and I actually have taken college courses on teaching reading to young kids. It just makes me laugh when Connor reads those two lines wrong, because it reminds me of that comedy bit we have been laughing about for the past year. I thought some of you might find it funny as well, but apparently I was way off on that. Sorry.

2. My boss read my post about work, and assured me that when she fires me it won't be for that. The other good news about that post is that one of the authors of the book I mentioned left a comment. Fun!

3. The reason there was no Father's Day post is not that I have Daddy issues, but rather because I was too busy spending the day with the two most important fathers in my life, Roy Sr. and Jr. They spent some quality time together at the Nashville Symphony on Saturday night, and we all had a big lunch on Sunday afternoon. I have been privileged to spend most of the last fifteen Father's Days in Nashville with Roy, and as always it was a treat. I'm also incredibly lucky to have brought children into this world with Chip, who is an amazing dad to our babies. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! I hope your day was wonderful.


Mrs. Katherine said...

oh, noooooooooow i get it!

cjaxon said...

lol ... oh, I got it at the time, but it was kind of like when you try NOT to laugh at your kids and just be supportive instead. If your 4 year old were reading fluently then I would be super jealous :)
I think my 6 year old refuses to learn more for the fear I will stop reading to her when she can read to me