Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Rock n Romp

The radar looked menacing on Saturday morning, with a solid wall of rain headed our way. This caused the RnR board to scramble for an indoor backup plan. We toughed it out and went ahead with it outdoors. (Ok, we actually just couldn't get our indoor backup plans together, so we had no choice.) For some reason, about three drops reached the ground all day.

Chasing Squirrels, Dan Montgomery, and The Ultracats rocked. We debuted our Season 4 RnR shirts, which sold really well. We saw quite a few new faces this time, which was cool.

Josh and Liz Phillips were gracious to lend the use of their backyard. We managed to keep the kids from demolishing their fancy garden.

As always, the kids had a great time. Thanks to the keg of PBR, so did the adults!

Stop! Picture Time!

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Anonymous said...

Nice stuff, Chip. Enjoyed meeting you. -Joe Sankey