Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

A brief recap of the day so far:

Times Chloe has had a complete meltdown: Twice. Once because of the removal of a week-old Band-Aid (the wound has been healed for some time now, and the Band-Aid fell right off) and the other time because I suggested a nap. That second fit didn't last long, since she fell right to sleep. It was loud while it lasted, though.

Times Chloe has totally pulled one over on me: Once. I thought she ate all of her lunch and gave her some candy, but it turns out she had just hidden her entire uneaten sandwich.

Times the AT&T man has rung my doorbell: Twice. Apparently a main phone line got knicked when they put in our fence. Sorry, neighbors! Good thing our fence guy is insured. And that I use VOIP.

Times Connor has been perfect: Once. If today counts as once- he has been an angel all day long! He cleaned his room, he helped Chloe put on her underwear and pants when I was summoned to the door by the smug red-headed phone guy, he ate every bite of his lunch, he Windexed the back door, and he gathered all the toys that need to be put away upstairs after nap time. Who knew that 57 months old was the perfect age?

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Mrs. Katherine said...

I didn't realize you celebrated Easter Monday and my daycare.